Welcome to Our Site – Happy Canada Day!

Today, July 1st 2013, Canada Day, is an important milestone for our 4 year-old document scanning Ottawa-based business. Jennifer and I see the past four years as our time of “proving the concept” … initiating, honing and refining our hands-on process for delivering 100% guaranteed scanning jobs. We quickly learnt that while speed of delivery is important, it is even more critically important for the customer to know for certain that every word and symbol on every page in their box of documents is safely and accurately scanned, indexed and perfectly recoverable on the final DVD or preferred deliverable.

The warmth and genuineness of our Clients’ responses since mid-2008 has been both special and encouraging: and we would be pleased if you take a look at some of their comments the Testimonials section of our new website.

We are very happy to announce the transformation and expansion of our website which is being re-launched this month. Our goal continues to be very singular: we will continue to provide the highest levels of accuracy and positive responsiveness to the document scanning needs of our customers … businesses, non-profit organizations and governments in Ottawa, Ontario and beyond.

Finally, for now, we hope to be sharing useful information about scanning and document management, on this blog site from time to time in the future.

Happy Canada Day!

Robert & Jennifer