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September 15th, 2015
Robert McFarlane
President, RJM Backfile Conversion Services
193 Richmond Road, Lower Level
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W4

Dear Robert,

This is to confirm how pleased we are with your document digitization services on behalf of our Client, a prominent member of Canada’s financial sector. Your staff have also been exemplary in the services that RJM Backfile has provided to satisfy our Client’s recent need for onsite pre-scanning document preparation at their Records Management site. Excerpts from their recent letter of commendation below, is testimony to the high value they have placed upon your services, both onsite and offsite!

Hi Russ and Rob,

… I’m very pleased with the work (your onsite doc prep team have) accomplished, and they have really given us a head start in scanning.  We have developed quite the friendship and I’m so happy we can continue this at our new location just down the street in November. 

Please let the guys know that I’m very grateful for their work …  A big thank you to you both and your whole team for all the back-scanning and prepping … And a special thank you to Jenny for her support!

You are all such wonderful people and Partners

Thank you

Manager, Information and Records
Records & Information Management
Ottawa, Ontario

This successful project has directly lead to additional ongoing work with the client.

Best regards,
Russ Ferrier



September 15th, 2015
Robert McFarlane
President, RJM Backfile Conversion Services
193 Richmond Road, Lower Level
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W4

Dear Robert,

This is to affirm our satisfaction with the excellent document scanning services that your company performed for our “Medical Client” in Gatineau. This high security project required detailed scanning and indexing of confidential medical records, with continuous high security storage; it was completed in the promised time and on budget. The quality of the PDF deliverables on DVD, including text and photograph legibility, was found to be very satisfactory by both our Client and ourselves. We hope to move forward with the phase two project in the near future.

We very much appreciated your scanning service; and we took note of the many occasions (e.g. scanning of colour photographs) where your staff voluntarily exceeded the contract specs in order to deliver highest quality visual output. We consider this to be “value added” to the project and thank RJM Backfile for this service.

Rob, be assured that we will be recommending RJM Backfile for our future Client needs related to document digitization.

Yours truly,
Russ Ferrier

Commissionaires Ottawa

Backfile Conversion Services recently completed two projects for us and are currently doing two more. The first two projects were audited and I am happy to report that they have passed our stringent quality control. On the first contract I had a couple of observations which were corrected immediately and to our complete satisfaction. I have found that the quality of images is excellent and files can be searched very easily in numerous ways. The final product, stored on DVD, can be downloaded to a network or can be used directly from any DVD drive on a computer. It is very user friendly and the search is very quick.

I also like their approach – they first determine the requirements of the work to be completed, come back with a solution with the production of sample digital files, then proceed with the work after confirming with the client that they have met all identified requirements. (They) are very pleasant to deal with. I am therefore pleased to recommend their file conversion services.”
Jeanne Watson
Manager, Corporate Services

Utilities Structures Inc.

We have been very satisfied with the digital conversion services performed by RJM Backfile Conversion Services (BFCS) for our company, Utility Structures Inc..

During the past 12 months, BFCS completed two projects that have been very beneficial to our company. They have digitized and indexed several years of our technical project files, enabling us to now respond literally in seconds to file-related queries and reorders … no more having to look for a file folder, find the specific information needed, then call back! Not only was this service done very cost-effectively and in a timely manner, it has freed up much-needed space previously occupied by scores of file boxes which have now been shredded.

The personal commitment of Robert and Jennifer McFarlane, owners of BFCS, in carrying out preliminary test scanning of our documents, ensured that the final digitized result was what we wanted. They listened to our needs, made the adjustments we requested, and delivered a very satisfying result on DVD in searchable PDF and Excel comma separated formats, including an easy to use proprietary search engine at no additional charge.  We are pleased to recommend RJM Backfile Conversion Services to companies and other organizations wanting to make their paper documents instantly accessible for corporate decision making and general customer service purposes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further discussion.
Claudio Mion
General Manager

The Canadian Bar Association

I am pleased to write this testimonial recommending RJM Backfile Conversion Services. The Canadian Bar Association has been considering the need to digitalize a large volume of storage files. We worked with RJM Backfile Conversion Services and ran a test which worked very well indeed. We were impressed with the very organized approach and the collaborative way in which we will be able to work with RJM.

I would be pleased to answer any questions you might have about our experience.
John D.V. Hoyles
Chief Executive Officer

Finlayson & Singlehurst: Law Firm, Ottawa

I have been a lawyer with this firm for the past 19 years and have responsibility for the computer hardware and software systems in our office. As part of these responsibilities I am involved in the archiving of our paper files. To assist in that effort I have utilized the services of RJM Backfile Conversion Services in the course of the last year. I have been entirely satisfied with the quality of the scanning services provided.

I have known Robert McFarlane on a professional basis for over 10 years, and know him to be an individual of great integrity and a very pleasant person to deal with. On the basis of my experience, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. McFarlane and his company.
Hugh Campbell

DRACHE: Law Firm, Ottawa

I have known and have done business with Robert McFarlane for a number of years. I have always found him very accommodating and attentive to his clients’ needs. In the last year Robert has been extremely helpful in building an electronic document management system for small and medium sized law firms. As I pointed pit weaknesses in existing systems and features I would want to see, I saw these features dealt with in his proposals. The current version of this system is not only suitable at a reasonable price for smaller firms, but is also scalable.

My firm has also used Backfile Conversion Services to scan and digitize client records. Many of these records are in the form of client’s receipts and accounting records, which are not easy to scan and organize. We have found the services that Backfile provides to be both efficient and cost efficient.
Charles M. Rotenberg

Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP: Law Firm, Ottawa

I have known Robert McFarlane for almost eleven years and have worked with him as a representative of LaserNetworks for approximately seven years. During that time Robert always provided excellent service to Nelligan O’Brien Payne. Robert was quick to respond to problems and always went the extra mile to ensure Nelligan O’Brien Payne received exceptional service from both the local and head office staff of LaserNetworks.

I have no hesitation recommending Robert to anyone seeking his services.
Steven Pink
Managing Director

Ridout & Maybee LLP: Law Firm, Ottawa

I have been working with Robert McFarlane in various capacities since 1999. Beginning with LaserNetworks, through Toshiba and Sharp, Robert consistently provides valued advice. He has a real talent and ability to bring together whatever people and resources are required for a project.

Recently we have begun a DMS project that may require capturing paper files electronically and importing them into our new system. For trial purposes we provided Robert with a box of closed files. Robert promptly returned them to us with a CD that contained the scanned files formatted as requested. Spot checks proved to be accurate and scanning exceptions were duly noted by Backfile staff as promised. A ROI shows a positive result and we will likely use Rob’s Backfile service in the future.

There are few vendors that have remained constant through my career at Ridout & Maybee LLP and even fewer that I remain I contact with after the individual; changes company. Whatever Robert endeavours to do in his career you can rest assured that you will find a very responsible, diligent, flexible and fair professional. Backfile has risen as a very timely and well though service. It utilizes the latest technology and has a comforting error checking process. I am sure that many firms and companies will find Backfile both extremely useful and a trustworthy long term partner.
Scott Fife
Manager – Information Technology

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What Our Business Friends Think of Us!

Advantage Securico Financial Group

“Just sending you a short note to tell you how important electronic filing is to a business. We have been filling electrically for six years now and because of this we do not have filing cabinets using up our office space but instead have lots of room for our employees to work comfortably. We have access to all our files at the tip of our fingers with all the files on the network. “Your service of “Backfiling” is important to all businesses who are bogged down with papers and filling cabinets. I know you will be successful in providing excellent quality and service to all your clients … I think this is a great business that you are in and this is a service that is really needed.”
Brent V. Conway, CSA

Property Tax Review Services

“Our firm manages approximately 600 active client files at any given time … it has taken in some cases several days to find a piece of paper related to a certain file … with your (document management) system we are able to retrieve almost instantly the information that we need … I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is trying to file and retrieve any amount of data … in short I would certainly recommend your system and service.”
Glenn Lucas