5 Reasons To Digitize Your Documents

* * *

Do these situations sound familiar? 

  1. “We need to see the original document – how soon can I have it?”
  2. “Sometimes it takes us days to find an archived document!”
  3. “We’re paying $250/hour in Auditors’ fees – we retrieve the files they want, while we pay them to wait!
  4. “Why do we pay high rent rates  to store file boxes?”
  5. “We’re surrounded by more file boxes then ever!”
  6. “ ‘Employee workspace’ is steadily losing out to ‘file storage’!”
  7. “We’re losing valuable employee hours daily, just searching for information!”

Ready for these improvements?

  1. Immediate availability, access and viewing of all your paper documents!
  2. Less than 30 seconds to find any file, archived or current!
  3. Reduced billing from your auditors!
  4. Reduced file storage, restore office space productivity!
  5. Hallways & offices are now clear, open, free of stacked file boxes!
  6. Workstations with productive employees replace file cabinets!
  7. Recover valuable hours lost in the daily search for information!