About Us

Founded in mid-2008, RJM Backfile’s focus is to bring significant cost reduction solutions to the problem of paper document storage, retrieval and related expenses, which now confront many organizations.

Backfile Document Scanning quickly and cost-effectively converts paper documents to digital format, allowing our customers the freedom to destroy unneeded documents (or remove them to very low-cost storage), and at the same time free up valuable space currently being “lost” to storage cabinets, storerooms, corridors, etc. This also frees up thousands of dollars of paid employee time that is currently being “lost” in the daily process of finding and retrieving archived or other stored document files.

Have you ever….?

Have you ever spent time looking for files in a filing cabinet only to find that someone has removed the file? Or have you ever required an old file only to realize that it is in a cluttered storeroom or has been sent to an offsite storage facility?

Would you like to free up valuable space in your home or home office by converting your paper documents on to DVD, instead of storing them in a large filing cabinet or in boxes in a storage room?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions or if these questions caused you to think about your own environment then you are ready to call us because we can help. RJM Backfile can convert your archive documents into an electronic format of your choice.

We can ensure that all your documents are readily available to you for access when ever required.

Contact us to schedule a ROI evaluation (return on investment) to show you and your fellow stakeholders the impressive saves.