Commercial Benefits of Document Scanning

This week’s blog offers a real-life insight into the valuable commercial benefits of document scanning.

Real measurable savings from professionally executed document scanning & indexing can be illustrated in actual results identified during 2008/2009. The starting situation for this company was simple: a large office that should have been available for productive work was unusable, congested with filing cabinets!

Fast-forward a few months: now you’re seeing a functional business office with two employees productively operating at individual workstations!

The Former Files? Everything in those filing cabinets had been scanned, indexed, OCR’d and saved to two DVD disks! The customer conducted their own internal verification, confirmed total accuracy and accessibility of the scanned information, verified the indexing to be exactly as required, then shredded dozens of boxes of documents that were now no longer needed to be retained!

The Situation Today? ALL the scanned information is available 24/7 with permission-based access! No more expense for paper archive storage! No more expenses for retrieval of needed documents – usually urgently needed and at premium cost to retrieve! To date more than 25 successful scanning and indexing projects have been completed for this customer to their total satisfaction!